I ask 4000 $ + taxes (including 1000 $ deposit).

I will ask a 1000 $ deposit when the litter is born and when I know that I will have a puppy available in this litter for you.

Puppies are sold at a fixed price; it is non negotiable. Any profit generated is invested in our breeding program. The price is set to allow us to keep offering people quality, healthy Newfoundland dogs.

What’s included with the puppy?

  • CKC Registration with non breeding agreement
  • Microchipped
  • Inspected by a Board Certified Veterinarian
  • Auscultation by a Board Certified Cardiologist Veterinarian between 9-11 weeks
  • Up to date Vaccinations
  • Up to date for Wormings
  • Health Guarantee for hips, elbows and heart
  • Informations Package
  • 4 weeks of free insurance against accident / health issue with TRUPANION
  • New toys and toys with moms scent
  • Bag of food

At Arcadia, we do not have an official waiting list, however I will not sell puppies to the first buyers who contacted me and filled my questionnaire. Puppies are sold to people that are the best match, that took the time to communicate with me and are not frustrated by the process. The “official” waiting list is opened when the pups are born, and I am asking people who are interested to reach out to me periodically to update me on things on their end and just to touch base to show their level of interest. If I haven’t heard from a home in months, I will assume that you have moved on. 

All our dogs are tests for :

  • OFA Hips
  • OFA Elbows
  • OFA Cardiac
  • OFA Patella
  • OFA Eyes
  • Cystinuria

Before being bred, each one of my dogs is on OFA’s website and easy to look up.

We ask for a non-refundable 1000$ deposit only when we are positive we have an available puppy in an actual littter.

Newfoundland CKC standards mention a height at the withers of 26 inches for a female and 28 inches for a male. As this is only a average, we do produce grown dogs that are below and above that limit. It is extremely hard for a breeder to know how much a pup will weight once adult. We can come up with an approximation, but we do get surprises from time to time. That being said, our goal is not to produce big or small dogs, but to produce healthy, well-typed dogs.

The only two accepted colors in Canada are black and black-and-white. We only breed these colors. Our dogs are DNA tested to avoid producing brown or grey puppies.

It is possible to visit but ONLY when we have puppies and when they are no longer in the risky period (above 6 weeks). Just let us know your interest and we can arrange a visit.

Our dogs are fed Inukshuk and Proplan 30/20

We are willing to take care of buying a transportation cage (at your expenses) and bring a puppy to the airport for a reasonable fees (this is not included in the puppy price). However it is the buyer’s duty to take book flights and make sure the pup has everything required for it’s departure.